Array Functions

count($myArray) ; //gives the number of indexes


unset($myArray[index]) ; //removes the element at index


unset($yourArray) ; //deletes the whole array


foreach () ; //iterates values in an array


foreach($myArray as $value) {

echo “The values are $value: \n”;



each($myArray) ; //returns a key/vale pair for each element in the array

	while( list( $myKey, $myValue) = each( $myArray ) {

	echo "Key is $myKey with a value of $myValue <br>" ;
	reset( $myArray ) ; //resets array pointer, after it has reached the end


array_push($myArray, $value) ; //pushes $value onto end of $myArray


*equivalent to: $myArray[] = $value ;


array_pop($myArray) ; //returns end value from the array, and removes the index, thus reducing the index length


array_unshift($myArray, $value) ; //inserts $value into index 0 and shifts all other indexes +1


array_shift($myArray) ; //removes index 0 and shifts all other indexes -1


print_r($myArray) ; //prints human-readable information about a variable


var_dump($myArray) ; //displays structured information about a variable including its type and value

*Arrays and objects are explored recursively with values indented to show structure.


sort($myArray) ; //sorts an array by its values. Assigns new keys!


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