• HTML embedded, server side, scripting language
  • Similar syntax to C, Java, Perl
  • Can be ran from the command line!
  • Interpreted language
  • Does not need to be compiled
  • Requires PHP to be installed as a server service
  • Files end with .php to let the server know that its dealing with a PHP file, and therefore needs interpreting
  • Returns HTML


  • 1994 Rasmus Lerdof created Personal Home Page Tools, set of Perl scripts
  • 1995 v1 PHP/FI (Personal Home Page / Forms Interpreter). Rewrite as a set of CGI binaries developed in C
  • 1997 v2 PHP/FI 2
  • 1998 v3 PHP: Hypertext Preprocessor. Recursive acronym. Parser rewrite
  • 2000 v4 New Company Zend
  • 2004 v5 Includes OOP

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